Let’s Overcome Your Fears

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Let’s Overcome Your Fears

Group Discussion Class is one of Globish’s learning formats, which accommodates up to 4 learners and one coach and lasts for 55 minutes per class. Group Discussion Class is a place where learners gain knowledge, language skills, as well as new perspectives on different topics of discussion.



However, a number of learners are still anxious to participate in Globish Group Discussion Class. Some learners might feel uncomfortable with the learning format, while others might not know what to talk about, lack knowledge of that particular topic of discussion, or afraid of hindering other classmates. Nevertheless, the Education Team, Globish’s curriculum designer, would like to tell you to not be ‘afraid’. Curriculums designed by the Education Team are intended for those who want to improve their English language skills in order to discuss and exchange ideas and opinions with others on various topics, as well as to help them overcome their fears of communicating in English. So, let’s talk more about Group Discussion Class and what learners will gain from it.




First of all, skills that will definitely be enhanced are speaking skills, which is undoubtedly the main goal of many learners who take part in Group Discussion Classes. Learners will have opportunities to practice having conversations and discussions on different topics to build their confidence. The skills and experiences obtained from Group Discussion Class differ from those obtained from the One-on-one Class in that the learners get to express more of their ideas and points of view.



Secondly, learners will get to practice expressing their opinions with confidence. In Group Discussion Class, learners are able to express and exchange their viewpoints without having to be afraid of making mistakes. Because, at Globish, we believe that Group Discussion Class is the place where anyone can speak their minds without limit or judgment from others. Hence, Group Discussion Class is not only a place where learners can practice their English, but also a place where learners can exchange and explore thoughts and ideas in various different forms.



Thirdly, learners taking part in Group Discussion Class will have opportunities to connect with others. After participating in Group Discussion Class, many learners were able to develop connections, become learning buddies with their classmates, and participate in other activities organized by Globish which are Master Class and Workshop. These activities, additionally, have inspired passions in many learners and made them want to improve themselves even more since learning buddies tend to help and encourage others by sharing different useful learning advice and methods.   



For those who are still afraid or nervous about making mistakes in front of others in Group Discussion Class, you do not have to be ‘afraid’. Learners participating in a particular Group Discussion Class will be in the same or similar English Language Competency Level. Learners do not have to be concerned about the topic of discussion, since the Guiding Information of each topic is available publicly for all learners to examine before booking any Group Discussion Class. Moreover, learners are able to download the learning material beforehand to prepare themselves for their upcoming Group Discussion Class. The learning material includes Background Information about the topic, Vocabulary List, and Discussion Questions where coaches and learners can exchange their viewpoints. Additionally, the coach will check the learners’ moods through the activity called ‘Check your Moods’ to prepare the learners before each Group Discussion Class.



Last but certainly not least, we would like to invite those who might still be afraid and hesitant about joining Group Discussion Class to step outside of their comfort zone. You will not only get to improve various skills, but you will also get to explore new points of view alongside the coaches and classmates. We hope that all learners will be able to enjoy and master their English skills with Globish.


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