Boosting Your Confidence

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Speaking English with a lack of confidence? Here’s how you can boost your confidence whilst speaking English.



Understand Why You’re Not Confident 


A lot of our students are adult learners, and it is very common that adult learners to be anxious when speaking a foreign language. It is because most adults do not want to lose face; we are cautious about what we want to say. How to deal with this? First, you may want to practice in your comfort zone where you don’t feel anxious or worried about making mistakes.





Take Self-videos


To practice speaking with confidence, you should try recording a video of yourself speaking English. It could be about any topics (e.g. What did you do today? What’s your plan tomorrow?) and any at length.


You can start by speaking about a simple topic about 3 minutes every day. After one week, you can go back and listen to yourself. Doing this, you can evaluate yourself and get used to speaking English every day.  



Find a Safe Zone to Practice


To boost your confidence, you need to find a comfort zone where you don’t feel worried when speaking English, and it is important to have interactive feedback. One of the reasons that Globish One-on-One classes could help our students boost their confidence is it is a safe zone for students. To make it even better, you should find a coach that you feel comfortable with. Book a class now!




Or you can join a workshop to practise with other people. This way you get to learn new things while boosting your confidence! Do you know that Globish also create events for our students to come together and improve their English skills? 



Keep an eye out for the next Globish English Workshop! Follow our Dashboard or join our Globish Activity Facebook Group!



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