Improving Your Grammar

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English grammar can be tricky, even for native speakers. No matter how long you’ve been studying English, freshening up your grammar once in a while is a great way to keep up. Here are some tips and tricks for you to become a grammar wizard!




Reading Helps Improve Your Grammar 


Reading helps reinforce correct grammar. There are LOTS of sources you can choose for your reading. If you feel that reading a whole book in English is too hard for you, you can start with something easier and shorter. Reading a short article is a good way to start! Do you know that you can practice reading on our Globish Plus platform? Try reading at least one passage every day. We guarantee you improve both reading skills and grammar accuracy.





Try Some Grammar Games


Most students feel bored when they have to learn grammar. Grammar is not the most important thing in language learning; however, it is still important if you want to speak English professionally. Do you know that we have grammar explanation sheets and practice on our Globish Plus? Go to Globish Plus and click ‘practice’ and ‘grammar’. Set yourself a goal to practice grammar usage every week!







Ask for Feedback


Some students can score very high on their grammar activities; however, they have problems using correct grammar when speaking. To make your practice more practical for improving grammar, you should ask for feedback and grammar corrections. When you speak English in real life, no one is going to correct you. This makes it hard for you to know if you speak English grammatically correct or not. Taking Globish One-on-One classes could help you. When you take a class, tell your coach at the beginning of the class that you want he or she to correct your grammar!





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