Improving Your Speaking Skills

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Searching for a way to improve your English speaking skills? Look no further. We have put together some tips and tricks to help you speak better English.




Practise Makes Perfect


The reality is, the more you work on something, the better you are at that thing. So, to be better at speaking English, you need to listen a lot and read some more. Pick any book or audiobook of your choice and start. If you don’t understand the words, translate them using dictionaries. 


Or you can try imitating some dialogues from your favorite movies or music. This method is called speech shadowing which is done by repeating a speech immediately after hearing it. On our E-learning platform (Globish Plus), you can practice using a variety of listening activities. You can train your ears by starting from listening to slow and then moving onto faster conversations.





Work on your Pronunciation


Instead of perfecting your accent, making sure your pronunciation is correct is far more important! English is a stressed language, meaning some words and sounds are more important than others. For example, the word “suggestion” is pronounced with stress in the middle, so it sounds like this: “sug-GEST-tion.” And with Globish Plus, you can both practice your pronunciation and get instantaneous feedback. Are you ready to speak English like a pro?






Practice with Interactive Feedback


To improve your speaking skills, you need to practice and receive effective interactive feedback. This is why taking Globish One-on-One classes could help you a lot! Our coaches are trained to give you feedback on your speaking and advice for further improvement. For a better way of practicing, you may need to find the right coach for yourself! Choosing coaches whom you feel comfortable with can be your comfort zone, but it could be good for you to sometimes take a class with more challenging coaches. Let’s practice your speaking skills, now.




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