Improving Your Fluency

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Speaking English is hard, but do you know what is even harder? Speaking smoothly without any awkward pauses. Here are some techniques that can help you to speak English like a native!




Don’t Hesitate to Imitate


One way to improve your fluency is to use the imitation technique. Imitating is repeating the other person’s actions or words. So, the idea is to copy something that others, or, in this case, native speakers are saying. While repeating the phrases or sentences, you are able to train yourself to follow the sounds and patterns of English. 


You can try the imitation technique on Globish Plus. And you get to improve your accent and pronunciation as well! 





Find a Study Buddy


While getting as many practices as possible is ideal if you want to improve your fluency, searching for the right buddy is quite challenging. But with Globish One-on-One classes, you no longer have to worry about finding the perfect study partner to help with your English! Your coach of choice is ready to help, as well as give feedback and advice for further improvement. Why wait? Let’s practice your fluency now!





 Accents are Overrated 


Having an accent is nice, but paying attention to stressed sounds is what you should focus on. English is a stressed language, meaning some words and sounds are more important than others. By stressing correctly, no only can you speak more fluently, but you also make sure that the other person understands you better. And with Globish Plus, you can both practice your pronunciation and get instantaneous feedback. Are you ready to speak English like a pro?




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