Expanding Your Vocabulary

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Sometimes, it can be difficult to learn new words while trying to remember old ones. So, here are some techniques to help you expand your vocabulary!




Start with Something that Excites You


Why not start learning from something that you love? So, for example, instead of watching your favorite movie in Thai soundtrack or with Thai subtitles, try watching it with English subtitles. And choose something that you are already familiar with, so it’s easy to focus. If you see words that you don’t understand, write them down and translate them. You will be able to remember better when you see the same words several times.


Or try Globish Plus! Our platform offers you TONS of new vocabulary that will be very useful for your daily life.





These Things Take Time


You can’t rush the progress by trying to remember too many new words at once. Be patient, don’t cram them all in one night. Remember that these things take time and determination. Start small on vocabulary that reflects your needs, then build on it. 




Have Some Fun with It!


There are a lot of ways for you to learn some new vocabulary and have fun at the same time. Now, you can study words through mobile apps, or through traditional methods like flashcards and crosswords. Or you can try Globish Plus! You can play while expanding your vocabulary within a single platform.




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